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Full-Stack Python Developer
Paris, Île-de-France, France


At Gorgias (Techstars NYC ’15), were making customer support software to easily handle big volumes of customer requests.

Were using machine-learning to automatically group requests, suggest the right responses and show only the relevant information for the customer support agent to take swift action on repetitive tasks. Were also building integrations with 3rd party software and aim to provide the best API in this space. All of this packaged with a simple UI that saves time to customer support agents.

Watch our demo day pitch here.

You should join us if you care deeply about:

  • Building quality software for customer support agents and improving the overall experience for the end customer. Enough with *** customer-service!
  • Carefully designing, consuming and implementing the API facing our customers.
  • Writing rock-solid Flask apps with clear APIs and workers that handle all the data syncing/dataset generation, etc..
  • Moving fast and hacking which translates to: Trying, Failing, Refactoring, Testing, Profiling and Debugging the living *** out of our code while most importantly Shipping fast!
  • Being a great team player and enabling other people in the team with your skills and jokes

A big bonus for us would be if also like:

  • Making simple interfaces that are both powerful and flexible using JS and enough bootstrap to survive.
  • You know your way around *nix tools and use them proficiently.
  • Have a good base in machine-learning and NLP specifically.

Who youll work with:

  • Alex, CTO — full stack developer and has experience in Machine Learning. Youll be working with him mostly.
  • Romain, CEO — handling the business side of things

Our stack:

  • Langs: Python and JS primarily. A little bit of Golang.
  • Libs: Flask for APIs, React/Redux for the UI, scikit-learn, gensim and keras for ML.
  • DB: Postgres
  • Task Queue: Rabbitmq + Celery
  • Hosting: AWS (with enough credits to launch those sweet GPU instances)

About usWeve built a Chrome Extension to write emails faster with shortcuts. It has 10.000 users, growing 7% a week.
Weve developed a macro suggestion tool for Zendesk. We have several Enterprise customers paying for it.


  • Have a huge impact on an ambitious product
  • Competitive salary & equity according to profile
  • Free lunch / transportation
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