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Social business:
CityTaps’ vision is to bring running water to every urban home in the developing world. We are a social high-tech business based in Paris, with operations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

IoT and mobile payments:
We are building an internet-connected, prepaid water meter that uses mobile money for payments.

Totally worthwhile project:
Our connected meter helps poor families access running water in their homes, saving them time and money, and improving their health.

Tough technical problem:
Our technology includes both hardware and software components that need to seamlessly integrate together, from mobile phone to water meter.

Small but international: English is our working language.

It’s the 21st century: We actively seek to hire a diverse team.

The challenge

1) Project management:

  • Transform our existing prototype into a complete turnkey solution for water utilities
  • Deliver on existing contractual commitments
  • Manage the embedded systems/hardware engineers currently on the team

2) Software development

  • Develop CityTaps cloud application
  • Provide technical expertise for both embedded software and backend/frontend development

Why CityTaps?

Were building technology that really matters – to change the world by bringing water to all urban people in the developing world

Were a serious company with funding, weve won number of awards, and signed a contract with a major industry playerWere creating a company culture that respects individuals and rewards creativity

You will definitely have the coolest job among your friends (Im building an IoT device to improve the lives of 827M people’ [drum roll…])

Your work will be firmly grounded in the real world (were dealing with water, after all)

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